Our Crossgate belly dumps are exceptionally built: made from the toughest Qt-100 steel, these trailers have a length of 37.9 feet or 455 inches, and a height of 10 feet or 120 inches. Tare weight is 16,600 kg, and the body is finished with Endura Epoxy paint. Additional features include:

Slopes : HARDOX 450

Sides: 10Ga. 50W

Flange: QT-100

Frame Webbing: 50W

Hendrickson INTRAAX Suspension

50 Gal. Airtake For A Quick Gate Supply

Michele’s Flip Tarp

Cross gates independently controlled

Powerful Air Cylinders That Close Under Load

Heavy duty lubricators / air dryers / regulators & MAC valves

Grabber tires

Optional plastic half-moon fenders

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