P1030880  P1030863  P1030814  P1030832P1030822  IMG_00000283  Pony/Pups



Tri-Axle  Pony/Pup weight only 6500 kgs

HARDOX-450 .188 all around

HYVA FEE 8-4-169

Michels Ele. Flip Tarp

Over Ride Suspension & Tailgate With MAC Valves

The tipping angle on the Pup/Pony box is 50 degrees.

Clearance between the endgate and pup hitch is 8 inches with Tri-Axle Truck 19′ Box.

The hoses  hardly move and  can jackknife the trailer to either side.

Overall we achieved all of the objectives when we started on this project.

long life and low cost cycle units.

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